To Boost or Not to Boost – Burning Mouth Syndrome

Boosters have been approved and recommended by the CDC, the FDA, and my Doctor.

My 82-year-old Mom got her Pfizer booster as soon as they were approved and after a day of the usual side effects, now feels much safer as she joins her girlfriends for lunch out now and then. Moderna and Johnson & Johnson were next up! Moderna was a half dose, so I went with my Doctor’s recommendation and got the Moderna booster. I had more of the side effect reactions with the booster than I did the second initial dose. Fever, chills, reddening of my injection site area, and swelling of the lymph gland under the injected arm. Not fun, but it gave me a tiny glimpse into how debilitating full-blown COVID could have been for me and this is without any lung symptoms!

I have lung damage from chronic bouts of bronchitis, and that was part of what worried me about getting COVID19 personally. I was not sure my lungs would make it through the damage that the virus can cause.

Now I will not worry as much about that.

People ask, “Does this mean you won’t wear a mask anymore?”

No. I will still wear a mask any time I am in a crowded place or around people whose vaccination status I don’t know. I still have loved ones, both young and old, who have compromised immune systems or fragile lungs. I still have a grandson with Cystic Fibrosis who can’t get immunized yet. Things are better in the town I live in, but nowhere near the level of vaccination that would make us all safe.

Has my Burning Mouth pain been affected by the booster shot?

I can’t personally relate any change in my pain to the COVID vaccine, whether the first doses or the booster. I have seen some comments and a very small number of people report oral burning as a side effect of vaccination, but it looks like if there is a causal relationship, it is rare. Time will tell as researchers collect more data and correlate it.

This is science, my friends, and when you see things change, (booster recommendations, mask recommendations, etc.) it is because scientists have gathered more data over time. There are things they know for certain and things they don’t because this is a novel virus and there is only so much data until more time passes.

Stay safe and healthy out there!

6 thoughts on “To Boost or Not to Boost – Burning Mouth Syndrome

  1. Kali, another great post by you….reasoned, logical, clear….and supportive. Thank you.I hope Miles is thriving.
    It is now almost a year since my BMS appeared…..and you are so right, keeping busy and helping others keeps perspective and distracts. And on we go, counting our blessings.
    Take good care..thanks again !


    • Thanks so much, Marena!
      Miles IS thriving, and the pandemic has been a little bit of a blessing in disguise, keeping him from any serious infections or illness so far in his first year. It has been my joy to be part of his first year and his sunny disposition is a gift to the whole family.
      I am so sorry you are approaching an anniversary of pain, and I hope that you are one of the lucky ones who goes into remission or stops burning altogether.
      Sometimes I wonder if there was some purpose in my getting Burning Mouth Syndrome. Perhaps somehow I was supposed to share my story, support the research and BMS Support website, and occasionally give other people some clarity and even hope and support in the midst of chronic pain. Maybe that has been the point.
      In positive times I think so, but there are negative times when like all of us, I wonder, “Why me?” Why us?”
      We are choosing not to live in the negative times, and every single day, like all chronic pain sufferers, we have the opportunity to make that choice again and again. Thanks for sharing your positive outlook with me. It really does help!


      • Kali, how wonderful Miles is doing well and enjoying his life.Such a blessing that you are able to be so present to him….timing in life can make such a difference.
        Your willingness to share your experience of BMS and be of support speaks volumes to your kind heart.
        Perhaps what we do with our suffering…. of any kind… we live it….how we grow through it….is the true blessing.I certainly have learned a lot about myself from BMS !
        I am presently reading a lot on Stoicism….:)
        All best wishes as your Thanksgiving approaches….I’m most thankful to know you !


    • Marena,
      It was a great holiday since our older daughter’s family is local. We spent the time with them and enjoyed seeing Christmas once again through Miles’ eyes as he waved at the tree every time anyone said “Christmas!” He loved the lights and the food and all of the fun stuff but was not as enthusiastic about unwrapping presents as we thought he would be.
      Our younger daughter and her husband are in Nashville and they spent the holiday with his mom and dad, so altogether we were all careful and only around other vaccinated and boosted people. In spite of doing all of that, one family member got exposed and tested positive for Covid. She has the symptoms of a bad cold and is in no danger of ICU, etc., but that is the benefit of vaccination and boosting. You may still get it (remember that Covid Math?) but your chances of getting hospitalized or dying are dramatically lower.
      I hope your family stayed safe, healthy, and had a happy Christmas! I look forward to 2022 being a bit better, but I must admit my expectations have adjusted with the variants!
      How have your BMS symptoms been? It hasn’t really gotten very cold down here so my situation hasn’t changed much. Stay in touch and let me know how you are doing!
      Happy New Year,


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