Remission? Not So Much-Burning Mouth Syndrome

My pain had been decreasing, and the distraction of helping others (always a good coping strategy) seemed to be making things even better. I took less medicine and reached for the cold water less frequently as I quenched thirst, not pain.

Then I had my yearly dental checkup and teeth cleaning this week, and although my hygienist was so careful and gentle, the burning is back. As I sit typing this, mid-morning, my tongue feels as painful as ever and my cold drink is by my side as much as possible.

I probably should have known better since I experienced remission once long ago, and it was not a gradual thing at all. I simply woke one morning in London with no pain. I thought the antibiotic I started before leaving on the vacation had worked, and celebrated that it was “over,” but I didn’t really have a clue that I was in remission at the time. I thought I was cured!

So, my Burning Mouth Syndrome friends, the journey continues. I will increase my dose of Clonazepam/Klonopin ODT slightly until this flare subsides, but will go back to the lowest dose as soon as it is possible.

I plan to keep searching and talking with you. I will stay informed by the Burning Mouth Support website as possible research and studies may lead to treatments or cures over time.

Stay tuned, and hold on to hope.

4 thoughts on “Remission? Not So Much-Burning Mouth Syndrome

    • Dori,
      First of all I am so sorry you are experiencing burning, but the appearance of spots may indicate that this is not primary burning mouth syndrome. It would be worth investigating what other ailments could be present that feature spots as a symptom, because primary burning mouth syndrome does not. If it is, in fact, something else…it may be treatable and even curable! Check it out and let us know what you find out.
      Good luck,


  1. I am tryiing the Vagus nerve Stimulation with a Tens Unit and ear clip! I just start. I do know when my pain and horrible taste rises and I do the stim they drop down. Hope this helps someone!


    • Hi Beverly,
      Thanks for sharing your coping strategy with us! I tried a TENS unit back in the first few years of this bout of BMS, but unfortunately it was not as successful for me. Keep in touch and let us know if it works for you long term and good luck! How long have you had BMS?


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