Change, Stress, and Chronic Pain

We have all read about the linkages between stress and chronic pain of all kinds. Our bodies know when life is getting a bit “extra” and it reacts accordingly.

Many of you may have noticed that when big events or changes in your life and routine happen, your burning mouth pain may flare. If you are wise, you have anticipated this might happen, have your coping strategies at hand, and are up to date on any medication that may be helping you.

What are coping strategies for burning mouth syndrome or disorder?

The Burning Mouth Support website has a whole page devoted to them here.

More information and help that other sufferers have found useful are at Stuff That Works – Burning Mouth Syndrome. Have I found many things they discuss to be useful? Not personally, but if I have learned anything about this mystery disease after nearly fifteen years, it is that it is very individual, and different things work for different people. Sometimes just having people to talk with about it or feeling like you are part of a community can help.

Is there a cure? No.

The best we can do is to find coping strategies and medicines that help us deal with this chronic pain. We are not alone in this quest, however, and the BMS Support Website stays on top of the latest research, studies, and trials for all of us. You can read some of the latest research here.

Click the contact button and drop a line to the volunteer staff if you are aware of any newer or additional research! We can always use more information, right?

Wishing you well.

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