Burning Mouth In the Time of Covid 19

If you are here, I assume you know what Burning Mouth Syndrome is, that no one knows exactly what causes it and that there is no cure. If you don’t, this blog is full of descriptions and you can also check out the BMS Support Website.

If you are here, you are probably a BMS sufferer or knows someone who is. This blog is not usually a casual stopping place out there on the Internet.

I’m going to assume that you know about Covid 19 and the global pandemic it has set off and the fact that people with pre-existing conditions are more at risk for severe cases of the illness and even for death.

Is Burning Mouth Syndrome a pre-existing condition that could put you more at risk? The short answer is that if it is primary (in other words, there is not an underlying illness that is causing it), probably not. However, we do end up in doctor’s offices more often and in a world that is avoiding as much contact as possible with other people, and particularly contact with sick people; that is causing a stressful situation for us.

Have you skipped a trip to your Neurologist or Pain Specialist yet?

I went to my Neurologist right before the “shelter at home” directive came out and so I am not behind in that particular area. I also got my prescriptions refilled, but another cluster of appointments is looming and I am unsure what to do.

  1. Annual Physical Exam – coming up next month after already postponing it once. This is actually two medical appointments because the blood tests are done before the exam in a separate place. This is scary to me.
  2. Dental Cleaning and Exam – coming up next month and since dental work is the bane of my Burning Mouth Syndrome experience, I am going to have to “bite the bullet” and do this one. My dentist is taking all precautions, but the fear is still there.
  3. Mammogram – due but I am putting it off at this point since I have no symptoms and it would only be screening.
  4. Annual Eye Exam – due but I am putting it off at this point since I don’t have glasses or contact lenses and no vision issues.

I have shared my thoughts and fears with you, but the question still remains…what should I do?  Hmm…Let’s ask the professionals.

I called my Primary Physician’s office and spoke to the Nurse Practitioner there. She was very helpful and what I came away with was this: Exposure is always a calculated risk and you take every precaution you can to put the odds on your side.

In my personal case, I am older, overweight, have some blood pressure issues, and need to stay on top of my health at this point. The risk to my health of untreated issues is greater than the risk of catching Covid 19 due to all of the preventive measures the office has put in place. Everyone is masked, gloved, sanitized, and has as minimal contact as possible. This is what I needed to hear, but I won’t kid you, I am still stressing out a bit.

What are you doing as the pandemic progresses and there doesn’t seem to be an easy end in sight? Feel free to comment!


3 thoughts on “Burning Mouth In the Time of Covid 19

  1. I read your mail and answer to it. Here in France , it was impossible to have an appointment to a specialist (dentist, neurologist, aso). It was a risk to go to the hospital. I feel more alone and anxious. My mouth is getting worse and worse, especially after eating or drinking or speaking. On the 11th May, we can go out within an area of 100 km. I think it is more important to be treated than to avoid the doctor’s offices. Greetings from France


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