Traveling With Burning Mouth Syndrome

My husband and I like to travel, and we have always dreamed of going to New Zealand. The timing is right (We have the resources but aren’t too old or infirm to enjoy the activities!) and so we have planned an adventure-filled excursion. We will deal with a 15-hour flight there and back, crossing the International Dateline, and a time zone change beyond what I have ever experienced.

The question arises…How do you stay on top of Burning Mouth Syndrome under these circumstances? 

Plan, my friends, and plan well.

Make sure you have enough of whatever medicine works for you and keep it on your person. If there is lost or delayed luggage, you don’t want it to have your meds in it. Plan your coping strategies and then be sure you are keeping those with you as well. In my case, I will have a large bottle of water to sip on and xylitol gum to chew sparingly as needed. Stay hydrated. Avoid alcohol and keep your coffee and tea intake at your normal level since it can be dehydrating if you have too much. You know what your triggers are, so avoid them and care for yourself like any person with a chronic illness should.

Think about the time differences and be sure to stay on your medication schedule so you don’t unintentionally under or overdose yourself.

Be aware that stress, lack of sleep, lack of control over your diet and other factors may cause a flare of your burning. Sometimes this is inevitable and you just have to get through the flare to the other side, so mentally prepare for that and nap when you can. Stretching and deep breathing are also great ways to relieve the physical stress of travel so I will be doing that as much as I can!

Relax as much as you can and allow as much distraction and fun as you can.

That’s my plan!

Do you have some other travel tips for BMS sufferers? Share them in the comments! You never know when something you think is basic information is very helpful to someone else.

4 thoughts on “Traveling With Burning Mouth Syndrome

  1. Kali! I wrote to you in October. Did you read it? yesterday,I went to Paris in an Hospital to a specialist for nerv endings.  I must undergo 2 IRMs(brain and spinal). I can’t give no advices for travels, because it’s not possible for me (financially and physically). when do you fly to New Zeland? Géraldine         


    • Geraldine,
      Yes, I read it, but unless there is a specific question that you have, I do not respond on the blog. I will send you an email so that you can correspond there if you like. We will be going to New Zealand later this month. I hope your MRIs give you some useful information.


  2. I been experiencing problems for about 8 months. I came about a Dr. Houser in Florida that realizes this issue to the Vagus nerve and other nerves in your cervical spine. There is therapy called Prolotherapy. Have you or any heard of this?
    He is very knowledgeable.
    I’m far from him and are saving to go there. But just wanted to share. He has a YouTube seminar and information that has been very valuable and promising.
    I just need the funds.
    Any feedback will be greatly appreciated🙏


    • Maria,
      I am sorry you are experiencing Burning Mouth Syndrome. Yes, I have heard of prolotherapy and that it has been helpful but really only in joint/cartilage situations. I have not heard of it being used for Burning Mouth Syndrome and have not seen any research or abstracts (even on Houser’s website) that indicate it would be an effective therapy for diffuse burning nerve pain in the oral cavity. The vagus nerve connection is interesting, but personally, mine has been looked at since I had an ablation for SupraVentricular Tachycardia in 2001 and there were no abnormalities. At no time did the specialists indicate that there could be a connection to nerve pain elsewhere. I will be intrigued to hear what you learn after you consult with him. Good luck!


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