Cannabis for Burning Mouth Syndrome?

As many of us do, I haunt the online forums looking for new information or even unusual coping strategies for Burning Mouth Syndrome.  Interested in learning more about this mysterious chronic oral pain? Check out the BMS Support Website.

As I read the entries, questions, and answers, I realize that many people who are looking for Burning Mouth Syndrome support are not reporting its symptoms. Often, they are reporting much more worrisome symptoms like sores and lesions, extremely dry and cracked tongues, and other varied complaints regarding other parts of their bodies. I find myself thinking over and over, “That is not primary BMS. They need a second opinion and to investigate other underlying disorders.”

You see, primary BMS is invisible. I am not kidding! If a doctor (and believe me, I have had quite a few) looks into my mouth and throat even when I am burning most intensely, they will see nothing unusual. That is a hallmark of this syndrome and if you have visible symptoms, please seek a different diagnosis. It may be another condition that has a cure or medicines that can better treat your symptoms.

Wouldn’t that be great?

The other issue that has been floating around for ages but has gained traction as states have legalized marijuana for medical reasons or in general, is the question, “Could cannabis or CBD oil help with Burning Mouth?”

Since I can find few scientific studies (Please alert me if you find something recent!), I am left with anecdotal evidence, which is not great. Often, when people report anecdotally, I note that they are also reporting a myriad of other symptoms from diabetes to peripheral nerve pain and I am almost certain that primary Burning Mouth Syndrome is not their major ailment. It’s a complicated picture, but one I hope that some researcher will find fascinating and make a statistically relevant study. I predict my fellow sufferers will try this treatment if it becomes legal and available and although the thought of actually putting something hot and smoky in my already burning mouth makes me recoil from the idea of ever smoking marijuana, I would probably be open to trying the oil or an edible form to see if it helped.

There is one study that included Burning Mouth Syndrome and cannabinoid receptors, but it was four years ago, only involved sixteen subjects and concluded that the eight Burning Mouth Syndrome sufferers had “increased TRPV1, decreased CB1 and increased CB2 expression in tongue epithelial cells also associated with a change in their distribution. It would appear that these receptors are related to BMS. These data could be useful for future characterization of BMS epithelial markers and therapy.” This small study could give hope for a diagnosis protocol, but it offered no evidence of symptom relief. You can read the abstract HERE.

The dangers? 

That is something to discuss with your doctor, my friends. As with any medicine, there may be side effects and you should be as careful with this one as any. Follow instructions, and don’t drive or drink alcohol with it since you may be impaired or at least drowsy.

The benefits?

Unknown. Perhaps some of us will find relief with this treatment, but if my anecdotal reading is picking up anything, it is that few are saying it helped their Burning Mouth Syndrome pain.

Want to see what Politifact says about Cannabis Claims? Check out and see what is being said, and how true the statements are.

We will see, but meanwhile, keep your coping strategies going, take any medicines that help and don’t have more side effects than they are worth, and we will all hope for two things in our immediate future…a standardized test for diagnosis, and God willing, a cure.

11 thoughts on “Cannabis for Burning Mouth Syndrome?

  1. I have primary BMS; meds I take are: Clonazepam, Gabapentin and Duloxetine. A few months ago I decided to try CBD/THC, the ratio of which is 10:1. I use a tincture form twice a day and have found that this has helped my condition immensely. At my last appt. with BMS doc, he was very pleased about my using the above and I now use about 1/3 less of Clonazepam. (Other two drugs are very low doses.)


    • Barbara,
      I am glad you have found a combination that is working for you. Experimentation is often the key to finding the right coping strategies and pain-relieving meds. It seems to be highly individual. I have tried CBD Oil without much effect and do not have a legal way here in Texas to purchase anything containing THC in a therapeutic level. Perhaps things will change here, but it may be years or even decades.


  2. I believe I have BMS. I have recently discovered that having an edible (marijuana) made things feel worse. It may be in the sub ingredients I use to make it. Maybe the chocolate has something different in it but it definitely hasn’t made my BMSand better.


    • Jo,
      I have not tried the edibles, so thanks for sharing your experience. Right now it is so subjective because no studies have been done on marijuana and burning neuropathy so it is a “wait and see” situation. Now the question has been raised about the difference in how men and women experience pain and how medicines designed for men may not be as effective for women. Fascinating stuff and you can read about it at the BMS Support Website under Research and Studies.
      Good luck to you and stay in touch!


  3. I’m a primary BMS sufferer and have been for the last 6 years beginning at 42 years old. I’m fit, active, don’t drink or smoke and not menopausal. I don’t fit the usual profile for this at all! The only thing I can figure is that I had ptyalism (was excess saliva) during three pregnancies. Maybe it’s connected? Anyway, I’ve tried it all! The only thing that sort of helps is a low dose gabapentin at night. It helps (sort of!) to reset in the morning so I wake up with less pain than I otherwise would. I sure am hoping CBD oil will help. I got some samples to try. If it works I’ll check back and maybe see if the CBD community will give me a kick back if I become their spokesperson!


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