Been There-Got the BMS T-Shirt

I have mentioned before in this blog that Burning Mouth Syndrome (BMS) gets little attention from the medical community and the world at large.

After all, it won’t kill you. At least not directly.

Recently, a friend sent me a link to an Etsy shop that is run by a Burning Mouth Syndrome sufferer and I was so excited to see something so important to me finally being recognized. These designs are not official. After all, there is no BMS Foundation or nonprofit to run things through, and although some of the Facebook Support groups have come up with some things, there is no slogan or logo that universally makes you say, “Oh yeah, that’s Burning Mouth Syndrome!”

Amy Roberson has taken this cause on. Her profits do not support BMS because, again, there is no overarching organization to donate to, but they help her to run her Etsy shop and give people suffering from ailments outside the norm a bit of a rallying cry in the form of a t-shirt, mug, or hoodie.

Could you make them yourselves? Sure, there are services that will allow you to customize, but I know from personal experience they will be more expensive and may not look as professional.

So, in the market for a BMS t-shirt? Visit Amy at Face It Apparel on Etsy and see if anything strikes your fancy. I ordered a couple of the t-shirts in black and I have found Amy to be very receptive and customer-oriented so drop her a note if you don’t see what you are looking for.

Who knows what conversation your new t-shirt may cause, and perhaps if more people know about BMS, more people will care and more research may result. Hey, a girl can hope!

Take care out there, and please wear your mask and keep your distance. I can’t even imagine COVID on top of BMS but I am guessing it would be excruciating.

2 thoughts on “Been There-Got the BMS T-Shirt

    • Amy,
      Yes I am familiar with this study, but as a open-label, non-blinded, single-arm pilot study with only 17 members, it is about at the level of hearsay when it comes to reliable research. This is not to say that BMS sufferers should not try it if they can and have interest, but I have not seen anything definitive that says it is a pain relieving agent for BMS. Cannabis is not legal in many states at this point, and so CBD oil is the best that can be obtained. Thanks for the info and let us all know if it works for you!


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